Sunday, February 21, 2010

Learn how to clean Irdina

Irdina become very not happy if we try to bath and clean her with water. She use high and long pitch to show her anger.heehee, very different with her cousin, Airil was not too loud his screaming.This is a good experience for me and jun to learn about difficulties, patience & appreciate what our parents do to us 25 years ago.This morning i with maklong take 5 types of leave to use for bath water for jun in order to reduce pain and become healthy. Tomorrow i'll go to JPN Pasir Mas to give name to my baby with IRDINA (mean kehormatan kami, keberkatan, kebaikan). Hopefully she will become a good girl that can give benefit to everybody in this world.......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Our first baby girl

Today is the most amazing day for me and my family. My wife just deliver a baby girl with 3.1 kg weight.She was very cute and we cannot recognize which one she followed, me or my wife. My wife had called me around 6am in the morning and said that blood and air "ketuban" was flow out.She immediately ask me to came back to Kelantan since today she will deliver the baby although the due date is next week.Therefore, i ask help from Khairudin to send me to Melaka Sentral to catch bus direct to Kota Bharu or Rantau Panjang.But, unfortunately the bus only available at 8 pm.Next i decide to take flight at LCCT airport since only the next day i will arrived at Rantau Panjng if using bus.. My parents in law was bring my wife to Hospital Kota Bharu around 11am and direct charge to labor room since the opening was reach to 4cm.Around 2.52 pm, my wife was safe deliver a baby girl accompany my mother in law since i only arrived at the Hospital at 3.00pmJust miss about 10 minute.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Family Day 2010

Family day coming again. I feel very fast, now already six month for new year 0910.This year we done more grand than last year since we include sukaneka and senamrobik for the activities.I'll incharge in prize and sponsor from contractors. I hope can do the best for this task

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rama Transfered

Alhamduliilah... thank to God due to give chance to me to stay longer at Kempas Mill.Rama is the one who got transferred to Selaba Oil Mill at Teluk Intan. I think he deserve to got transferred since he was working here for almost 5 years while me just only 2 years. I'll use this opportunity to improve myself and study smartly to achieve second grade steam certificate this year. Good luck to you Rama

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Play football

Today i play football with mill geng with Jasin Lalang team.I felt very tired and cannot run too much. I need to play for this whole week in order to get the stamina since the inter estate football tournament will kick off early February. Hope my team will defense the trophy last year. By the way, MU win 3-0 last night.

Singgang Daging

Mmmm, very delicious and healthy. Today is the first time my wife cook singgang daging for us. The taste was very good and quite similar with others sup type. You all should try to cook this. Last time when i studied at MRSM Kay tee, I'm not interested with this type of food, but now of course it will be become one of my favorite since it is very healthy and delicious.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Today start a new era for me to improve myself in whatever i do especially for family and work.I'll start this year with study related to boiler deeply and prepare a log book in order to prepare for steam cert test.At the same time i also will listen to AJ Hoge audio deeply to make sure i can speak English fluently and automatically.I wish you all good luck.Work harder friends

Sunday, December 20, 2009

MU lost to Fabulous Fulham

3-0! Mu dropped away with outrageous performance by Fulham. With the midfield become center back, Mr. Alex already can predict that the team will face difficulties to defense and attack for last night game.MU obviously less attacking style of game after CR left the team for Real Madrid last summer.I cannot wait what MU can do this season since they don't have sufficient talented strikers